Artistic Autistic

This is my new Arty Collection, my fucking new Artistic Autistic collection.

How unfavorable consequences effect me so bad. I tried extremely hard to reinforce self-esteem and self-confidence but still, I failed.



(+_=): Hey, let’s make some rules, ok.

I’m pretty lonely atm, so I just need someone by my side that can care for me and I take care for in return.

Basically, we are in a game, a secret game. We are players, and we are equal.

We just care for each others, fill in our loneliness, just for a short time, and we done.


(:”|): Haha. Sounds fun. Deal.

By the way, these are not rules, just summaries of the game.


(+_=): Rule No1. It’s a secret so no one knows.

(+_=): Rule No2. Be honest. If I ask you a question that you don’t like, don’t answer. But when you do, just tell the truth. Be honest. Same for me as well.

(+_=): Rule No3. Don’t interfere in each other’s business. We have our own space.

Fair enough?


(:”|): Haha. Yup. Fair enough. Like we just close to each other in private, when we’re with everyone, we’re just normal friends. You can talk to any other boys and you don’t need to worry about my feelings. No jealousy, no attachment, and be independent.


(+_=): You got it. =) Such a good learner.


(:”|): Hehe. Thanks. By the way, how close we suppose to be in private? ^^


(+_=): Just let things happen naturally. You know, I enjoy the feeling of getting know someone. Like cooking a meal, when the time passes by, it’s tastier.


(:”|): And how do you want me to take care for you, when you are lonely or… when you can not sleep? 😉


(+_=): Well well, you have girlfriend before, don’t tell me you have no idea how to take care for a girl. =))


(:”|): Ha ha. Of course I know how to take care for you.

Its you who never have boy friend before. Maybe YOU don’t know HOW to take care for me? =))


(+_=): Then I’ll learn. You know, I’m a smart girl.


(:”|): Haha, true. I like your attitude. You’ll be a good learner I believe.

So when will our game start?


(+_=): It’s actually start now. =)



What’s going to happen in the game, you’ll never know for sure…..

Ane, 4am in the morning,
April, 2012.

2 Responses to “Artistic Autistic”
  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Wow…. you draw very well!

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